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My name is Ronasiah Williams. I am a 17 year old early high school graduate that has experienced many of the common issues that the average tween and teenage girl faces during the "who am I" years. At times, I struggled while in high school because I have never been able to fit in with just one particular group of girls.  I've always been the girl that could socialize with what ever group I came across: the good girls, the bad girls, the smart girls, the not so bright girls, the fashionista girls, the girls wanted by the fashion police, the low income girls, middle class girls, the rich girls, the emotionally broken girls, the overly confident girls, the spiritual girls, and even the hurt girls that hurt other girls.  I felt like I was all over the place; I got along with all of these groups, I could relate to each one of them in some way, but all of these groups had barriers that kept them divided from each other.


My mom has always told me that I was a puzzle piece that was never meant to fit, and that I was created to shine and not be confined; that I was the one friend; to many.  I really didn't quite get it. Over the years I have grown to understand the phrases; instead of trying to fit, I have learned to accept that I am the missing piece, the bridge, the key element to help solve problems, and even the mystery to why most girls can't just be who they were made to be without doubt, shame, competition, or the fear of not fitting in; and to know that it's okay to connect and love those that are completely different than one self.


My passion for creative freedom, the art of beauty, the melody of music, the wander in writing, the continued education, and bringing the best out of others, is the reason why I started my journey to be Imperfectly Polished! I founded Imperfectly Polished Inc., when I was 15 years old. My purpose was to connect, love, lead, and empower all girls and young women that they could be a change in the world. 


Today, my goal is to keep setting a positive example and motivating other girls and young women locally, and around the world to embrace themselves; to boldly walk in their purpose, and to live an Imperfectly Polished life in color, like there's no tomorrow!


I am not perfect, but I was fearfully and wonderfully made! There is a unique power and individual purpose that lives deep within me! I am different, yet I have one thing in common with the one that stands beside me . . . We were both born with imperfections, yet we have been polished with potential! I am her, she is me, and together we rise up!  We are leaders gathering to make a positive impact on girls and young women worldwide!

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