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Being a girl is tough, and every girl wants to be PERFECT!!! The truth of the matter is being PERFECT isn't possible. It's easier said than done. The world gives its perfect examples as to how we are to be, but I challenge all girls and young women to purposely strive to be confidently different; be the puzzle piece that doesn't fit! No girl is perfect, but all girls and young women can be POLISHED and used to do great things. True self discovery comes through life experiences and growth with others!


At Imperfectly Polished Inc., we focus on connecting with other imperfect girls and young women to achieve what some may think is impossible; to beat the odds! We pride ourselves in helping to identify what each individual girl's purpose is; that very gift buried beneath her story of imperfection. The question is, what's holding her back? Whether she thinks that she's not pretty enough, smart enough, or fit enough, to be apart of the "IN" crowd; Imperfectly Polished Inc. is here to challenge and cheer her on.


Maybe "she" is you! We will equip you with the keys to build you up, to accept who you were created to be. Go against the grain girlfriend, kick the "IN" crowd to the curb, and receive everything that has been promised to you. You are pretty enough. You are smart enough. You are fit enough. You have a purpose, and You are loved. Take our hand, we welcome you, and are excited about our new journey together here at Imperfectly Polished Inc.

I am SHE, SHE is me, together we will change the world!

Our Mission

Empowering all girls and young women worldwide to discover their potential and to pursue their purpose.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We believe that all girls and young women deserve to discover who they were created to be. Through our programs, girls and young women will learn to build their confidence, to build healthy relationships, and to develop leadership skills that will help them impact the world.

We Need Your Support Today!

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